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"I'm Robbie Stepney, author of Maximise Your Phone Confidence-and I can definitely help you!"

Professional telemarketing, telesales, and phone skills confidence training for the real world /  1-1 sales skills coaching by telephone / Onsite coaching  

This book is the winner for anyone in UK telesales and appointment setting
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Your book is brilliant.... Telling it like it is.....if someone needed just one book on telemarketing then yours wins-Thanks
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Great book, essential reading for anyone who is using the phone in their business.
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Packed full of common sense, I loved it!
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Talk to Robbie today about what your current challenge is when it comes to using the phone in your business.

Do you want more appointments, more leads, and more sales?

Are you a business owner looking to give your sales a kick start and need some help with getting to grips with how to approach your calls?

Do you have team members you'd like to be more comfortable and confident on the phone, helping them get the absolute maximum from the calls they are either making or receiving?

Do you need help and advice on sourcing top quality marketing data for mailing and telephone follow up?

 Are you a local business group looking for an engaging and entertaining speaker?

 Are you a local business group looking for an engaging and entertaining speaker?

Robbie’s talk not only helped my team with their phone confidence, but also with being able to take a different approach to sales activities. This motivated them to be more pro active with picking up the phone, and achieving more positive results. Great energy, and a must for any sales team
You educated, entertained, and inspired all in one go!
One of the most engaging talks I’ve heard
I first heard Robbie speak at a sales and marketing workshop. His passion was evident from the start, and I was impressed with his approach to telemarketing.
Excellent speaker, very engaging.
Powerful, helped me a lot
This guy knows his subject

So How Can I Specifically Help You?

If picking up your phone to speak with potential new customers is something you or your team struggle with you are not alone. In fact next to public speaking, making calls particularly from a sales and marketing perspective is one of the biggest challenges many people say that they have in building and growing their business.

We live in a world surrounded by technology, but somewhere along the line in the sales process someone always needs to connect with customers in a direct and personal way, and there are few better ways to do so than using the phone on your desk.

When you can get comfortable with making calls, to follow up, develop relationships, make appointments and win new business, as well as deal with incoming enquiries effectively, you will always have the edge over someone who can’t. That’s what I can specifically help you or your team to do- to Maximise Your Phone Confidence and Win More Customers.

I like to work with people where I can make the most immediate impact. That’s why I schedule the majority of my coaching with business owners themselves, or with team members within small businesses, where they are making or receiving calls.

Whether you’d like to be coached by phone or in person, I guarantee that when we’re finished you’ll be looking at your phone (and importantly what it can do for you) in a completely different way!

I believe that you can’t train people to do something unless you are actually doing it yourself, and for that reason whenever I’m not working directly with clients, you’ll find me in my business making sales calls every day.

Whether it’s following up with someone I’ve met at an event, making a call to talk about sales training or coaching, selling the benefits of our quality business marketing data services, or confirming the sale of a ticket to one of my workshops, I’m consistently “taking my own medicine” and working with my team, doing the activity I train others to do.

Do all my calls always go according to plan? Of course not! In the real world they never do, and that’s what makes my coaching unique. It’s based not on hypothetical ideal scenarios, but on what actually happens in the real world!
— Robbie Stepney-Master of The Institute of Sales Management (MISM)

Why not get started now with a FREE initial 15 minute consultation.

From there, you can if you want to arrange a 60 minute one to one Power Sales Coaching Session.

Bring plenty of enthusiasm, and get ready for a fast paced, no nonsense hour packed with practical advice, guidance, tools and tips to help build your confidence, and start winning more customers today! If you're serious about this, I can and will help you.

There are also options to book a series of coaching sessions.

I only release a set number of 1-1 slots each week so call the office to arrange yours now and lets get cracking.

What's your challenge on the phone? (For onsite coaching or workshop training enquiries, please call the office or fill in the quick contact form-Thank You)

For Business Owners

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The buck stops with you when it comes to winning new customers. However, being the "salesperson"  may not be your natural or comfortable skill set. Problem is though that the biggest reason often quoted for failure of businesses is simply down to a lack of sales. If a business can't win paying customers it will sink. Through 1-1 sales coaching Robbie can help you to get comfortable with the phone to follow up with people you've already met, or make contact with those who don't know yet, to outline the many benefits of your products and services.


For Team Members

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In today's business world everyone needs to embrace the fact that we are all responsible for generating sales revenue regardless of what our job title is. Every single person who is interacting with clients on the phone can either make or break an opportunity simply by the way they are perceived by the client. Robbie Stepney can deliver bespoke onsite 1-1 coaching for your people whether they be in traditional sales roles or other departments where client contact on the phone is part of every working day.

Phone Skills Workshops

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If you'd prefer, and you have at least 4 team members, Robbie can come in and deliver a 3 Hour Maximise Your Phone Confidence Workshop for them. The content will be bespoke to your business, so your people can put things into practice straight away. These workshops are relaxed, a lot of fun, and massively productive. No one is ever "put on the spot" with unrealistic role play scenarios. To discuss a workshop for your team hit the orange button below and schedule a call with Robbie.